Who are Joe and Meg Piercy? Renovation Goldmine hosts are set to find ‘gold’ in homes

Husband-wife duo Joe and Meg Piercy will be making their HGTV debut on the network’s new home renovation show, Renovation Goldmine.

Premiering on Saturday, April 30, the show will see the couple renovating houses on an affordable budget.

In the eight-episode series, Joe and Meg will look for unused items or ‘gold’ in houses. They will then sell them to gather funds for the transformation of the house. This is where the pair’s favorite catchphrase, “Find the gold,” comes from.

The official description of the show reads:

“The eight-episode season, will spotlight Chicago’s Joe and Meg Piercy, owners of a successful design and renovation business dedicated to repurposing the goldmine of treasures found in clients’ homes. In each episode, the duo will revive old furniture and other pieces their clients already own and use the money saved to give families their dream home renovation.”

Renovation Goldmine couple Joe and Meg Piercy run a company named ‘MegMade’

Joe and Meg Piercy are the co-founders of MegMade, an interior design company that offers refinishing, design, and furnishing services.

Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Consumer Environmental Sciences- Agri-Accounting from the University of Illinois (2002-2005).

Meanwhile, Meg has a bachelor’s degree in public relations/image management from the University of Kansas. For almost eight years, she was the fund development manager of the Hand Club for Kids. She was also a CSS Computer Science staff consultant.

Currently in her 30s, Meg met Joe on a blind date in Chicago, Illinois.

Six weeks after their first meeting, they announced their engagement. The couple got married in October 2006.

Joe and Meg are parents to three sons, Wells Piercy (born on April 23, 2012), Brooks Piercy (born in December 2014), and Finn (born in October 2018). Together, the family lives in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.

Apart from running their Chicago-based company, MegMade, the couple will now make their HGTV debut on the show Renovation Goldmine.

The couple believes in renovating homes without needing to break people’s bank accounts. In an interview, Meg explained:

“I think people are going to connect to it, because… this really focuses on how you can really elevate a room or two at a time; you don’t have to spend all the big bucks on completely gutting a place,”

She added:

“You can make a huge impact without breaking the bank.”

Viewers can watch Renovation Goldmine on Saturday, April 30, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh