The Staple receives ‘Best Interior Renovation’ award from state program | News

Just over a year ago, owners Tanya and Pete Droher opened The Staple – a full-service graphic design and print company, located at 102 Second Avenue downtown Osceola.

In late April, the Drohers received the Best Interior Renovation over $50,000 award from the Main Street Program in Wisconsin.

Pete is originally from Osceola, but moved away for college. Tanya is originally from Hudson and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Art Institutes International. 

“Pete’s family all still reside here in Osceola and they have been a big support system in our business and our juggling of family and work life,” said Tanya.

“We were so happy that all the hard work that our family and friends put into this building with us was recognized at a State level.”

Before opening the doors in Osceola, the husband and wife team had been hunting for a new building to expand their shop when the pandemic hit and their search was put on hold.

“Osceola really chose us,” explained Droher. “It turns out when you stop looking, things are meant to find you.”

After being introduced to the building, the two agreed that, “Osceola and particularly the building was where we were meant to be,” she said.

The Drohers bought the building on Dec. 9, 2021, and opened the doors Feb. 1, 2022. “It was quite the ‘it takes a village’ situation to get this ready for opening day,” she added. 

“Our building was built in 1905 by The Staple Family which is where we got our name,” said Droher. “The first staple building from 1870 burned down, and was rebuilt on the foundation in 1905. Customers can find the entire history displayed on our wall inside the building to learn some of the fun facts that we learned.” 

“A lot of our renovations were cosmetic,” Droher explained. 

“The previous owners took care of the things within the walls. We added office space with chandeliers, and updated all the restrooms. We also renovated the lower level to be a new business adventure for us as well.”

That new business adventure has a name and it is called the Stone Room. “Our Stone Room is a micro venue. The original stone walls from 1870 are still exposed.” It’s a perfect entertaining space for people want a small party or a more intimate setting. We have a fun modern speak easy vibe down there” 

Overall, Droher explained, “The vision for our business is to continue to gain knowledge and services that we can offer to our customers. We hope to be forever growing and always evolving to be up to date and on top of designs.”