South Memphis’ Gaston Park and Community Center to undergo renovations

Gaston Community Center, one of Memphis’ oldest community centers, is getting a facelift.

A $3.4 million renovation is part of the $200 million Accelerate Memphis bond package.

“Our goal is for the close-knit culture of South Third Street community to be reflected in the type of programming and activities that take place here,” said Nick Walker, director of parks and neighborhoods, at the renovation ceremony Monday. “They already take place here. [The redesign] will just encourage them to grow that programming.” 

The design goal is to make the park and community center more inviting by removing subtle off-putting cues including removing fencing along the park, fixing a leaking roof, enhancing lighting fixtures and replacing windows that had been filled with concrete since the 1970s, Walker said.

Nick Walker, Mayor Strickland, Marlon Foster, Shelby County Commissioner Ford and Gaston Community Center directors begin demolition during the renovation ceremony on May 10, 2022.

Other renovations at the facility include: 

  • Improved outer appearance
  • Demolished front office
  • New game room
  • New multi-purpose rooms
  • New stage curtains
  • New exercise facility.

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The renovations are expected to take place over the next 10 months, but the design process has been almost a year in the making.