Realsee and Obras-YA reach a strategic cooperation to accelerate the rollout of digital space solutions in Latin America

CORRIENTES, Argentina , May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On May 31, digital space integrated solutions leader, Realsee, and Argentinian construction and renovation platform, Obras-YA, announced that they have reached a strategic cooperation. With its technical advantages and implementation expertise in VR and AI, Realsee will build digital tools for Obras-YA and promote comprehensive upgrades to services in the home remodeling and construction industry in Latin American markets. This cooperation will officially introduce Realsee to the Latin American market, bringing digital space integrated solutions for immersive experiences in remodeling, interior decoration, and furniture for local consumers.

According to research released by Fitch Solutions, Latin America’s construction industry output grew by 13.1% year-on-year in 2021, marking the highest growth rate in the sector. Construction corporations both upstream and downstream are now mobilizing to capitalize on this post-pandemic rebound.

Obras-YA’s strategic cooperation with Realsee will be the first of its kind to seize this opportunity. Accelerating digital transformation and supplier upgrades will rely on Realsee’s world-leading 3D spatial reconstruction technology and digital scan and capture services, breathing new life and vitality into the local home remodeling and construction industry.

Officially established in 2018, Obras-YA is a digital platform for home remodeling and construction industry, efficiently connecting clients with architects, designers, interior decoration companies and other industry professionals, and has always been dedicated to bringing standardized services and transparent processes to consumers with cutting-edge technology tools. Today, its business in Latin America has become a benchmark for service quality.

With self-developed products such as Galois Laser VR Scanner and REALSEE G1, Realsee empowers local clients and users with the industry-leading ability to explore space digitalization at low costs, by scanning and capturing data precisely while modeling complete replicas of physical spaces. Additionally, Realsee will provide new AI home design tools to Obras-YA’s users with immersive VR experiences. Designers can work with partners in VR with AI design tools throughout the entire cycle of construction, selection and decoration, lessening the need for site visits and achieving consensus via sharing of multi-dimensional information, significantly improving operational efficiency.

Oriel Esquivel, CEO of Obras-YA, spoke highly of Realsee’s achievements in the digital space industry, saying, “Realsee’s VR products and AI technology enables a wholly new approach to multi-party collaboration when documenting spaces, providing users with 3D renovation solutions in real time before construction even begins. We move forward in this collaboration optimistically in the hope that Obras-YA will deploy Realsee’s technology product applications through our Architect Services Network system for the betterment of Latin American cities.”

Today, Realsee’s global commercialization is accelerating remarkably. Cooperation with Obras-YA guarantees the application of Realsee’s products and technologies within the real estate and construction industries of Latin America. Realsee has provided digital space-related technical support and services to more than 190 customers in 27 countries, covering major fields such as real estate, interior decoration, and furnishing, cultural tourism and exhibition, new retail, etc. Realsee is building the world’s largest 3D spatial database, with its digital scan and capture data collection exceeding 20 million spaces, covering 1.686 billion square meters. Likewise, Obras-YA is building the largest network of professionals in Latam who, working collaboratively, contribute to the provision of digital remodeling and redecoration services.

The advancement of digitalization globally possesses an ever-increasing value potential in Realsee that will spare no effort to realize. A world unhindered by the limitations of physical space. In moving forward, Realsee will continue to help partners and consumers around the world to accelerate the evolution of their industry with cutting-edge technologies, and to create value through optimized service, efficiency and business model.

SOURCE Realsee