Incels are having plastic surgery to attract women, but it won’t work

Last time incels made international headlines, one of them had just killed 10 people by running them down with a van in Toronto.

Now the “involuntary celibate” are back in the news for something quite different.

They’re signing up for plastic surgery, including rib removal, clavicle bone breakage, facial “masculinisation” and supersized testicle implants.

This group is also being linked to other manning-up procedures such as mewing (masticating hard foods in an attempt to grow bulging jaw biceps) and jelqing (a DIY “dickmaxxing” regime that is supposed to literally tear extra length into one’s tallywacker).

Why? Because they don’t like how they look and are hoping extreme makeovers will make them happier.

At first blush, it’s tempting to assume that this shows a softer, less mass slaughter-y side to incels.

Could it be that they have more in common with women (their arch nemeses/greatest desires) than was previously thought?

Closer inspection, however, reveals that this is just more radicalised misogyny from a legion of noxious internet bottom-dwellers whose self-improvement strategies have been described as “inextricable from violent rage” and who aren’t after sex so much as male supremacy.

This van was used by “incel” Alek Minassian to mow down pedestrians in Toronto.(AP: Vincent Elkaim/ The Canadian Press)

From chatrooms to real-world violence

Incels are a subsect of the ad-hoc coalition of men’s groups online known as the “manosphere”.

Many want to initiate violent revolution because they’re having trouble getting laid.

Don’t laugh.

They’ve actually started killing people.

Elliot Rodger — the 22-year-old virgin who slaughtered six people in California’s Isla Vista in 2014 ostensibly as an act of retribution against the sexually active — was a self-identified incel.

Scott Beierle, the self-declared misogynist who killed two women in a yoga class in Florida last November, was celebrated in incel chatrooms for the shooting, the Washington Post reports.

Alek Minassian, the man charged over the aforementioned vehicle-ramming attack in Toronto, also identified as an incel.

Minassian allegedly announced on Facebook just before the 2014 killings: “The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys! All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!”